Nawin Nuthong

artist & curator
memder of
Speedy grandma

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︎ Aleaf (2022).            (on develop)

︎ A room, where they are COEVALs (2021)




_Collab in Curatorial practice
  • To whom it may concern. (2018)
  • Intimate politics(2016)


  • Threshold of the Moonkin(2018)

  • The conjunction of self, History & Love of simulation(2019)
  • SUNDUKDIK (2019)
  • BOOOSEUM (2019)
  • Why can’t we talk to magic tree(2018)
  • The Mountain Climber(2018)
  • Brift LORE 2 begin(2)
  • Wrold Wordl World(2016)


︎.     ︎
  • Speedy grandma (2019+)
  • Booseum (2019+)
  • Wrold Wordl World(2016)





Venue BBACC 8th floor and Wat Arun
(The project is on develop)
exibhition timeline : 22 October 2022 -  FEBUARY 2023

Artist team:
Research, Writing & Concept : Podcharakrit Toim
3D & Install Art assistance : Pasuth Saingthong

Supported project:
Bangkok citycity gallery
Bangkok Art Biennal
                                 ♥ PROJECT IS ON DEVELOP♥

︎︎︎installation view (photocredit: Timeout magazine & Op Sudasna)

 Looking into the Aleaf, there is a whole universe in it.

Despite of black magic of the siamese royal, the dizziness of illness and suidicicde eternity are affecting the souls of nation all the time. Only Non-player characters (NPCs) who embody themselves as a pseudo-academic claim to preserve ancient knowledge and live a purified life that they had forgotten for a long time.

The Chronostasis power made silent phenomena to hypnotize perceptions, emotions, knowledge and of course,  histories.

While History collapses and Ratanakosin’s civilization decays, the unlearning of the Siamese palace’s culture makes time feel-like moving again. Before the rebirth of Aleaf, eternity feels like an endless journey. It lives by twist, turn, swoop and swirl across the midnight sky in beautiful shape-shifting forms. Once human looking into the Aleaf, there insure that’s a unknowing-event can becoming a monstrous form of revolution’s psychololitica

Nothing is everything, then everything is nothing.

Moving moments in eternity.

It’s Aleaf


︎︎︎sketch WAT ARUN venue