Nawin Nuthong

    artist & curator
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    Speedy grandma



A room, where they are COEVALs (2021)






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  • To whom it may concern. (2018)
  • Intimate politics(2016)




  • Threshold of the Moonkin(2018)




  • The conjunction of self, History & Love of simulation(2019)
  • SUNDUKDIK (2019)
  • BOOOSEUM (2019)
  • Why can’t we talk to magic tree(2018)
  • The Mountain Climber(2018)
  • Brift LORE 2 begin(2)
  • Wrold Wordl World(2016)


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  • Speedy grandma (2019+)
  • Booseum (2019+)
  • Wrold Wordl World(2016)




Nawin Nuthong ‘Culture is Flux’ at Art Basel Hong Kong Discoveries sector (Booth: 1C41) from March 28–30, 2024.

BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY is delighted to present ‘Culture is Flux,’ a solo exhibition
by #NawinNuthong, at Art Basel Hong Kong’s Discoveries sector (Booth: 1C41) from March 28–30, 2024, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. This marks the artist’s debut presentation in Hong Kong.

Emerging from the coalescence of his earlier body of works, Nawin Nuthong presents new developments from his ongoing

research under the collective title ‘Culture is Flux’ – an incisive exhibition of new artworks that places collectively held notions of inherited cultural norms at the center of scrutiny. Spanning an array of media, the works presented reaffirm his approach to communicating ideas, retaining the strong hallmarks of his practice influenced by contemporary

︎︎︎study work (2024)    
“what is the act of throwing question to particular page of history?”

one person think of other person in the past,
and that person thinking of other person in the past
and that other  person thinking of another other aswell.

︎︎︎Green Leaf as Bookmark (2024)   
︎︎︎element of Empty Tomb(2024)

 ︎︎︎Studywork (2023) ︎︎︎ Studywork (2024)

    many elements in Culture is flux(2024) are from game badge and icon, in the aespect of this project as an unpack of my studio practice these element carry the question from the of Archeo-gaming, This project is mark the milestone that i have been understand the history narrative by game narrative that i grow up with.

︎︎︎ Rock to cloud, cloud to rock (1)(2024)
︎︎︎Running Fence(1)(2024)

︎︎︎Flux (2024)

︎︎︎Exibhition view

︎︎︎Exibhition view