Nawin Nuthong

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A room, where they are COEVALs (2021)






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  • To whom it may concern. (2018)
  • Intimate politics(2016)




  • Threshold of the Moonkin(2018)




  • The conjunction of self, History & Love of simulation(2019)
  • SUNDUKDIK (2019)
  • BOOOSEUM (2019)
  • Why can’t we talk to magic tree(2018)
  • The Mountain Climber(2018)
  • Brift LORE 2 begin(2)
  • Wrold Wordl World(2016)


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  • Speedy grandma (2019+)
  • Booseum (2019+)
  • Wrold Wordl World(2016)



1) Courtyard Courtyard encourage a person to shout un-finish questions, empower the folklore monster to step out of the shade and the children that welcomed them to play.

2) Sapling’s dream Sapling wakes up in a bedroom. “I dream of one other sapling standing on the podium, he's just finished his speech. After that ,three people step out of the crowd and say “from now on the Monarch will be a Cultural heritage!

What is a Cultural heritage?” Sapling asked

3) The School play One year, The Calendar shows Thai Language day and Easter Day are on the same day. The Trouble fall to a group of high school students that need to Make a play of Phra Apia Mani in the morning and A Regeneration of Jesus in the afternoon. On the night after the final rehearsal had ended, every props, costumes and stage set left Around the stage. A big wood board showed the evening beach on the opposite site. It's a scene of the cave, pieces of Thai silks lay over the big gray paper rock, Thai flute lay over the Roman armors, asian and western fabric mixed in the basket. Forest set, paper tree and little cardboard bush in tandem from a stool sight. It is their job to project the fictional space.At this moment their projection rays intersect and spectrum leak all over the stage hall.